Easy Property Tv Commercial

So EasyJet have moved into estate agency and this is the commercial we shot a month or so ago.

The brief for me was "can you be like a motion control Steadicam Operator"

The answer was, yes it turns out I can. The moves had to be precise over multiple takes and timed perfectly to maintain the flow. 

From watching the ad you wouldn't know I was two days solid in the rig.

Anyway it turned out ok. 


New Clinique Global Campaign for Mens Hydration Gel

Here is a nice little piece I was Director of Photography on for Frontrow Picture House and a campaign roll out for a new mens hydrator gel by Clinique. Shot simply overhead with an Arri Mini and an Angenieux zoom on a pastel grey colorama, needless to say I ended with some of the product after the days shoot and it is really good. Considering the price tag, it should be.

Anyway, here is the result....