To all you smokers out there, it's time to stop this October and with that there is this ad we shot for M&C Saatchi.

A crazy day traveling around East Anglia amounted to shooting many locations ranging from the beach, garages and car parks all with permission given on the fly, it was certainly a very unorganised day and with the final shot clinched at night when it was supposed to be daytime was a miracle.

I was called in to operate Steadicam for Ian Murray on this one. See the result below


Easy Property Tv Commercial

So EasyJet have moved into estate agency and this is the commercial we shot a month or so ago.

The brief for me was "can you be like a motion control Steadicam Operator"

The answer was, yes it turns out I can. The moves had to be precise over multiple takes and timed perfectly to maintain the flow. 

From watching the ad you wouldn't know I was two days solid in the rig.

Anyway it turned out ok. 


League Against Cruel Sports

Here is a hard hitting little piece I had the pleasure of operating steadicam a few weeks back. 

We shot it during that week when we had all the seasons in one day but we managed to keep the consistency through out the two day shoot.

A lot of it was shot on the back of a quad bike which was fun especially as I got to sit down for most of the day, a real treat let me tell you. 

While the budget was tight due to the fact it's a charity I do feel it could have benefited from a gritty grade however the important message is still there.

Expect to see it on the front of most cinema screenings soon. 

A Little Christmas Commmercial

Here is a tiny little Christmas commercial I shot for Bluewater last year. I think it was the first of the festive shoots as we shot it in September which turned out very tricky indeed. 

Needing a night shoot and working with a minor proved slightly detrimental as the long daylight hours during the end of the summer pushed us further into a no go zone for working with children. 

Having the shoot already postponed from the previous week due to rain we ended up battling it again, that on top of a very tired young lead, very slow and unorganised onsight contractors and a hard stop deadline, everyone was a little on edge. With a few dropped shots and the use of my Steadicam operator we managed to get what we needed bang on 11 o'clock.

Once again I'd like to thank my usual crew,