To all you smokers out there, it's time to stop this October and with that there is this ad we shot for M&C Saatchi.

A crazy day traveling around East Anglia amounted to shooting many locations ranging from the beach, garages and car parks all with permission given on the fly, it was certainly a very unorganised day and with the final shot clinched at night when it was supposed to be daytime was a miracle.

I was called in to operate Steadicam for Ian Murray on this one. See the result below


Easy Property Tv Commercial

So EasyJet have moved into estate agency and this is the commercial we shot a month or so ago.

The brief for me was "can you be like a motion control Steadicam Operator"

The answer was, yes it turns out I can. The moves had to be precise over multiple takes and timed perfectly to maintain the flow. 

From watching the ad you wouldn't know I was two days solid in the rig.

Anyway it turned out ok. 


New Clinique Global Campaign for Mens Hydration Gel

Here is a nice little piece I was Director of Photography on for Frontrow Picture House and a campaign roll out for a new mens hydrator gel by Clinique. Shot simply overhead with an Arri Mini and an Angenieux zoom on a pastel grey colorama, needless to say I ended with some of the product after the days shoot and it is really good. Considering the price tag, it should be.

Anyway, here is the result....