Ronin Operators first One Take Promo

This is the only still from a one take music video we just completed for the artist Shakka.

We shot the video down in Brighton at the Saltdean cliffs around magic hour having choreographed and blocked the shot all day.

With multiple cues, costume changes mid take and camera hand offs, it was a recipe for disaster however we managed to pull off 3 good takes having shot almost 8.

I now think shooting steadicam is a luxury as holding a Ronin rig and camera for almost 4 minutes is extremely difficult and after take 2 lactic acid builds up in your arms making the rig almost impossible to raise up. I won't be supprised if I don't have huge shoulders before long or I'm finding it difficult to get though doorways.

One things for sure, I'll certainly be packing cans of spinach on the next shoot.....

DJI Ronin and c300 rig

DJI Ronin and c300 rig