Smooth Motion is killing our work!

So here is an interesting article.

Ever gone round a friends house and watched a film only to think to yourself, something ain't right here. 

On many occasion have I reached for the remote control to put these people out of my misery only to be praised by their reaction of 'Oh my God, that's so much better'

The reason, 'Smooth Motion'

There are however some people that have no idea and have been watching quality movies with this setting firmly on with no way to turn it off. I feel so sorry for them but they often have no idea and still enjoyed the film regardless. 

I've found that it's only really us as image makers that really care, or even notice, and thats why we should take note of this petition to get this hideous television setting eradicated from existence or at least be an option.

This is an excerpt from the literature below but click on the link for the full article and sign yourselves up.


 “Stop motion interpolation!” is the call on a petition urging TV manufacturers to disable the default “smooth motion” setting on new televisions. As the petition explains, “Motion Interpolation was an effect that was created to reduce motion blur on HDTVs but a very unfortunate side effect of using this function is that is takes something shot at 24 fps or shot on film and makes it look like it was shot on video at 60i. In short, it takes the cinematic look out of any image and makes it look like soap opera shot on a cheap video camera.” Below, in a guest editorial, cinematographer Reed Morano (Frozen River, The Skeleton TwinsShut Up and Play the Hits) explains why this issue should be important to all film lovers.