The Hollywood Reporter Roundtable

The Hollywood Reporter has been around for ages but it's only now I've suddenly taken notice of it. This one inparticular caught my eye and, it seems, has been shared many times across social media.

THR continues to create many high production value round table discussions with many industry greats, be it directors, actors, producers and cinematographers. This episode invites a gathering of certainly some of my favourite zeitgeist directors in a steered chat about the trials and difficulties of their time in the industry and specifically the films that they had recently shot.  

It is extremely interesting the hear what these seminal directors have to say and on a few occasions spelling the beans on some movie magic that my well have got them out of trouble. 

There are already some other great discussions in THR back catalogue on YouTube but I'll definitely be digging deeper to see if there are anymore gems hidden away. 

Check this one out below,