Ashley Roberts - Woman Up

So I had the pleasure of meeting a Pussycat Doll a few weeks ago and it was all mine as she's such a nice girl.

The promo for Ash, as she likes to be known, turned out ok and it was certainly a novelty to shoot a studio based video as I usually find it's a location affair these days.

Once again I enjoyed working with Aaron Reid and a lot of old faces on set. Thankfully we shot on a very light weight  Red Dragon with some old Cooke S2's beauty lenses this time which makes a change in trying to fly a steadicam around with a fully loaded Alexa and the new Cooke S5i lenses all day which I had the misfortune of doing recently, ouch!

I think we created some nice imagery during the shoot partly because we implemented the use of some cutting edge lighting behind camera but I'll leave the decision up to you.