Blackmagic the sequel

This looks fun......having never actually seen let alone used one of their first offerings I'm more keen to get my hands on this little camera.

The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera lets you use the most incredible range of lenses. With the Super 16 size sensor you can use a wide range of adapters for film quality Super 16 lenses, or use commonly available low cost Micro Four Thirds lenses and more. With full electronic control of your lens, you can simply point and set iris all on command! The Micro Four Thirds lens mount also gives you the flexibility to adapt to PL or other lens mounts as required.

It records to sd cards with a lossless prores 422(HQ) format in either log c or rec 709, it boasts 13 stops of dynamic range and all this for less than £700.

I can't imagine getting away with using this professionally however I'd still love to have list in my back pocket.

Check it all out below.....