Bond, James Bond

50 years of James Bond fell upon us this year and everyone seemed to get caught up in it.
On the Friday of its release I couldn't believe how many people were going to see it that evening, I'm the biggest movie buff there is, or so I thought, and was boasting that I was to see the movie on Saturday only to find out most of the country were seeing it that night.........
Was it worth that one day wait?
In a word, Yes.
I thoroughly enjoyed watching it. Sam Mendes did a great job of directing the 23rd Bond film but then again I knew he would.
The opening scenes were fantastic and extremely exciting and seemed to be a relentless bombardment of car crashes, shoot outs and general James Bond awesomeness.
There are many references to the old Bond movies which I loved and one that made me laugh out loud, blink and you may miss it but its towards the end, I don't want to spoil it for you.
Credit also to one of may favourite Cinematographers and certainly the Dp's Dp, Roger Deakins.
The film looked amazing and he seems to craft light effortlessly, the scenes to note are the river boat scene where Bond is bathed in a Red hue given off by millions of Chinese lanterns and secondly an almost entire scene light in silhouette, gorgeous......
All in all it was a cracker and if you've had your head in the clouds over the past few days you may have heard or read that critics loved it and even said it might of been the best film ever made!
Either way I'll leave it up to you to decide.