The Canon Killer?

So with the release of this new player right around the corner, I'm extremely interested in seeing what it can actually do. Whilst the spec of this little box certainly looks impressive, nobody really knows much about it.
I managed to come across a vimeo pro page by a guy called John Brawley who has apparently tested this piece of kit and has uploaded some movies in various scenarios.....take a look at it here.
The camera is able to take Canon EF and Zeiss ZF lenses but Im sure there someone will develop a PL mount soon enough.
Could this camera be the next big thing and the kit everyone wants to use......
Will buyers think twice about purchasing Canons Cinema offering of nearly 5 times the price?
How knows and only time will tell but with a price tag of just less that £2K (body only) I can see the industry being flooded with these units especially in indie circles, as its just so affordable.
If you're interested in the tech 'n' spec then check it out here